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We look at the sky so we’ll know where we’re at?

Slow Motion Commotion - Nice Things Don’t Happen to Assholes Like Us


Slow Motion Commotion starts off strong with this debut ten-track album, Nice Things Don’t Happen to Assholes Like Us.  The three piece from Kansas City released this raunchy, conceptual romp in August of 2013.  The opener, The Ballad of Antonio (Part1), is a yawning runaway that introduces you to the rest of the album and holds nothing back.  Expect passion, betrayal, booze, smokes, and a healthy helping of job dissatisfaction.  This honest, lyrically assertive, style of punk is known for it’s tradition folk riffs and hymnal ballads of the American working class, SMC adds a fresh spin to this while hitting on all those classic themes and sounds.  NTDHTALU has all the pleasures of a buddy comedy, shotgunning beers, and lighting up with Woody Guthrie after a hard day at the rail yard.  Tying this album together are songs like Fighter Pilot, a ballad called Hospital Song, and a Keaton Henson cover.  I can promise you the earnestness is alone worth a listen, but the catchiness of each track is worth a lot more listens.

These boys are picking up fast with more shows, more songs, and more members, so keep an ear to the ground for them!  They might just roll through your town like the tumbleweeds they truly are.

FFO: Andrew Jackson Jihad, Human Kitten, Days N’ Daze, Ben Nichols

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